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There are no limits to how many surveys you can take. So that means there is no limit to what you can make. Just for taking a few surveys a day at home, at your leisure, you can start making money online today!

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The Toluna website is an absolute delight to explore.  From the very first page, you are engaged by its streamlined, modern design which practically begs you to keep on clicking.  Toluna is a unique survey site as it also provides platforms to create your own surveys, take polls, send virtual gifts to friends and much more!

This survey company is perfect to supplement your lifestyle with goodies or cash, Toluna is the website to use.  Registration is very easy and only takes a minute or two.  After you have confirmed your e-mail, you can start taking surveys or polls and start earning the points you need to redeem gifts and/or cash.free sign up

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    One of the best things about Toluna is its vast social networking capabilities.  Toluna serves as a community forum to share opinions, questions, and points of view as well as a place to share your opinions on just about anything.  You can also earn points by inviting new friends to join.  Sometimes it can be more fun to work with friends and this panel gives you the opportunity to do so.  You can choose to “follow” friends or other members of the community which is a nice feature if you want specific opinions to be shared.  Too busy to register directly with Toluna? Go ahead and link your FaceBook account for quick registration.

    As the site is very user friendly and fun to click, surveys or polls can be completed in a few short minutes.  Sometimes a survey will be recommended for you based on demographic data in your profile or your past response to specific polls or surveys.  Toluna also protects your personal information because all the data is stored on a secure server.  Much like FaceBook, you can control who sees your site content and this feature can be adjusted at any time.

    Another really nice feature available on Toluna is the virtual gift giving application called “Gifties.”  Once you have earned enough points, a virtual gift can be sent to anyone via Toluna, FaceBook or e-mail. In addition, these virtual gifts have a random chance to become real so the more gifts you send, the more chances you have to turn your virtual gift into something tangible, such as an iPhone 5 or a gas BBQ.

    Toluna is also interested in your opinion about trending new products.  In the test products section, you can register for any product you see and if you are chosen to sample the product, it is sent to you so you can use it and relay your opinions back to Toluna.

    Toluna has many other interesting applications and its approach to survey-taking is comprehensive, which makes the experience all the more fun.  The only way to find out is to visit the site and register today!

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MySurvey is the website to choose when you are looking to make some extra cash quickly and easily. Survey taking is very handy for supplementing your income and also for giving feedback to companies about your favourite products and services. Once you register and verify your e-mail, you can choose what surveys you want to take based on interest or rewards and start earning! You can also receive Reward Points for most surveys completed and sweepstakes entries for short surveys. You then accumulate points and can trade them in for PayPal cash, e-certificates, gift cards or other types of rewards in order to shop top retailers like Amazon.com, DKNY and Phillips.

MySurvey is unique in that it has a simple layout and is very effective. The website is colourful, easy to navigate and there are multiple quick loading links to your profile, your rewards and a handy FAQ section. MySurvey also adds to its legitimacy through its professional looking design and a user friendly “contact us” section.free sign up

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    MySurvey is also sensitive to the growing and changing needs of the internet consumer. There is a detailed privacy policy where MySurvey promises to keep your e-mail and details safe and secure. The website is designed to tailor surveys to your profile and this is the only way any personal information will be used. MySurvey also recognises the need to protect our children and will only engage persons of qualifying age for their opinion. MySurvey is a website for the adult consumer to voice his/her opinion about the consumer world.

    As mentioned above, MySurvey tailors to each individual profile and will recommend specific surveys that closely match your data. This makes it easier at times when you log in because it saves time spent on deciding what survey to choose. Each survey will give a brief description and an estimated time to completion so you have the power to decide which and how many surveys you want to do for that particular session. This is a great way to get rewarded for just browsing the internet.

    MySurvey is also connected to FaceBook, a major social networking site. This is a brilliant way to advertise the website and it allows survey takers to share their experiences with friends and spread the good word about extra ways to make easy cash or earn some top quality products. MySurvey is also available on your mobile device if you have a long commute and want to be productive during your wait time!

    People are making hundreds of dollars by doing some simple clicking of the mouse for a few minutes per day and voicing their opinion on the MySurvey site. Start earning today by going to the MySurvey website, taking a few seconds to register and verify your e-mail, do a few surveys at your own speed and then redeem those points for some great prizes. Most of all, have fun!

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The I-Say survey website is very easy to maneuver and professionally designed.  Once you have registered with your e-mail and generated a password, all of the features of the survey site become available.

There are a couple of things that make I-Say unique and different from all other survey websites.  One is the I-Say Loyalty Program.  For each survey or poll that you participate in, the number of points earned for completing a survey will increase eventually over time.  For example, you can make 50 points for completing a 15 minute survey.  After you have completed a few more, you can earn 200 points for each completed survey in the same time allocation.  I-Say rewards you for loyalty and this is a great way to maintain a good consumer base.free sign up

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    Another feature of I-Say is that you can redeem your points and donate them to specific charities of your choice.  For those of us who want to make the world a better place but lack the cash flow to do it, I-Say’s charity rewards system gives you the chance to be a good Samaritan.

    I-Say also provides lots of opportunities for you to be entered into contests or drawings with the chance to win some really fabulous prizes.  The Trading Post Draw is a contest that allows you to trade in 250 points for each entry into a contest that yields a fantastic travel package.  The entries are allowed for a specific amount of time and then the drawing is made and the winner announced.  There is also a monthly quick draw that enters you into a drawing every time a survey link is clicked. In addition, I-Say sends out a weekly poll question that you can access via Twitter that pays out 250 points for a lucky member!

    I-Say boasts a poll predictor feature where you can make your best guess as to what the correct value will be.  The closer the guess, the more chances to win in one of the prize drawings.  Alternatively, you can also create your own poll and share it on the I-Say website.

    I-Say is one of the few survey sites where almost everything you do will enter you into a sweepstakes drawing with the chance to win some fabulous prizes!  In addition, you can earn points to redeem cash, gift cards, charity dollars and air miles.  Registering is easy and only takes a few minutes.  There is absolutely nothing to lose with this survey site because the moment that you register, you are automatically entered into a sweepstakes drawing.  All this is available to you by simply signing up!  I-Say is a great place to start when you have some extra time and want to earn some nice rewards for yourself or to give as gifts.

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InBox Dollars is a great website to visit for getting paid to browse the internet.  InBox Dollars is a colourful, well-designed survey site that provides a lot of diversity for you to make a little extra cash.  InBox Dollars has a very easy registration but since I was feeling a bit lazy, I decided to sign up with FaceBook instead which saved a lot of time. Your first thought when seeing the opening page of InBox Dollars is that you want to try everything.  All of the images with easy links to the various features are very appealing.

As there are a lot of ways to earn extra cash with InBox Dollars, the website has a handy little to do list that you can follow that will indicate how much each activity is worth.  Once the list is completed, the amount earned will show up in the top right hand corner of page so you can see what they are earning in real time.free sign up

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    InBox Dollars will also e-mail you when you have a new survey or task you can complete for cash.  This can be very useful while you are switching back and forth in between windows all the time while surfing.  Speaking of surfing, InBox Dollars also has a paid feature that allows you to “Search and Earn.”  You can get paid for doing something every day that comes naturally with InBox Dollars.

    InBox Dollars rewards those who love to shop online as many of us do.  InBox Dollars has a lot of offers available with big companies like Discover Card and Amazon.com.  You can earn cash back for spending your cash on yourself or on someone else.

    A lot of companies have a panel of experts to watch their promotional videos.  With InBox Dollars, you are the expert and you get paid to watch.  All of that time spent watching YouTube will now earn you extra cash.

    InBox Dollars also gives you the chance to invite friends to earn with you and this can be invaluable to those of us connected to the online world.  It is as easy as registering with your FaceBook account so you and your friends can get started right away.

    InBox Dollars makes it easy to get paid as well.  All of your earnings can be sent directly to your PayPal account and then you can decide how to spend your extra money.  Simple.

    Compared to other survey sites, InBox Dollars has so many different things to do that it is impossible to get bored.  In addition to completing surveys for cash, InBox Dollars pays you to play online games, watch promotional videos, do simple tasks like research on the internet and even clip and use coupons when grocery shopping.  With just a few hours of your spare time (you decide), it is easy to earn that little bit of cash so you can get you those little extras in life.

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With the invention of the internet and the availability of the home computer, there are plenty of opportunities for you to supplement your income by joining online survey companies.  One of the easiest to sign up for and use is Opinion Outpost.

Registration is fairly simple, just key in your e-mail address and generate a password and then you are ready to start earning.  Remember to confirm your e-mail and if it does not appear in your inbox straight away and be sure to check spam as it can sometimes land there.  It will help a lot if you can also fill in your demographic data because surveys can be easily chosen for you and e-mailed.  It is also very easy to get paid, too.  All you have to do is link your PayPal account to the Opinion Outpost site and deposits can be made at a specific amount earned (usually $10.00.)free sign up

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    You can access paid surveys via e-mail or the website’s main board.  Since you are using spare time to earn, you can pick and choose which surveys you would like to participate in.  Most surveys are 5-10 minutes and the questions are very straightforward.  Most of your surveys will arrive via e-mail and there is no requirement to do them all.  What is really nice is that this website utilises anti-spamming policies so they will only send you surveys.  Survey taking is very handy for supplementing your income and also for giving feedback to companies about your favourite products and services.

    Opinion Outpost uses a point based system to track your level of activity and these points can be redeemed for cash, prizes and gift cards which you can use yourself or give to others.  Just click the rewards tab and your earnings to date in both point and dollar form are listed for you which makes it easier to plan or set goals on rewards.

    One of the best things about Opinion Outpost is that the website is very organised and it is easy to track your progress.  Once a survey is completed, earnings will either update automatically or at the very most, by the next day.  In addition to surveys, Opinion Outpost also features several other activities to earn points such as shopping online with partner companies, playing games or taking polls.  This is a great way to earn a little more disposable income while giving your opinion.  Sign up is fast, easy and taking surveys are a good way to learn a little more about the world.

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One of the biggest and most comprehensive websites I have seen for taking surveys or doing research is SwagBucks.  As soon as you sign-up, which is fast and easy, you have multiple avenues to take in order to start earning a little extra disposable income.  SwagBucks is also linked in to all the major social networks like FaceBook, Twitter and Google Plus.  As I was feeling lazy yet again, I registered with my Facebook account.  Keep in mind that you still need to verify your e-mail even if you sign up with a social site.  It takes seconds and ensures you will receive survey and other invites via e-mail.

The design of the website is very user friendly and gives you details about everything you do on SwagBucks.  For example, the upper right hand corner keeps track of your SBs (swag bucks) and provides a handy little tool that counts down the number of swag bucks needed for the rewards listed in the right hand column.  To me, this is an invaluable time management tool for setting goals.  As soon as you have the bucks, you can start redeeming those bucks for gift cards, electronics, video games and much more.free sign up

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    The time I spend surfing the internet every day adds up to many hours.  SwagBucks has a cool feature that allows you to surf via their website and earn swag bucks.  There is no better way to get paid doing what is natural and part of your daily routine.  There is a handy FAQ section that explains this in more detail but first, you have to sign up!

    I am a person who loves diversity and SwagBucks offers several other ways to earn such as shopping online, playing games, watching promotional videos and performing tasks.  For example, they have a link directly to the StarBucks website so while you are shopping for those gifts cards on special occasions, you can earn swag bucks doing so.  Another way to earn bucks is to play different types of games on their website or take a simple poll.  All of these activities take just a few minutes and you will find that after just a brief time, you will have enough swag bucks to start redeeming awards for yourself or for your friends.  Speaking of friends, SwagBucks also offers 100 swag bucks for referring a friend to their site.  Keep in mind that this friend has to, you guessed it, sign up!  There are also activities for those who want to play less and work more.  SwagBucks.com often has daily tasks available for searching and verifying information on the internet.  These often pay a certain amount of swag bucks per task and they are easy to complete.

    Finally, SwagBucks.com has a daily blog that keeps you updated on recent news with the Swag World.  These blogs often contain a special code that you can redeem for more swag bucks.  There is no better way to get paid for reading and keeping informed. SwagBucks has a lot to offer so take the opportunity and register.

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